Journal #1

Today i'd gone over to Hucks place to show him what I has found. So I knows that he had got in trouble with the Widow so I very sneakly started to make sounds in the forest so he would know to come out. It worked and we'z started to go to the caves that I has come across. So he just climbed out through the window and we set off. But that nigger Jim had heard us and came just waltzing on over yelling that he know'd that we'z was there. So i had got to thinking, lets trick him.

Journal #2

After Jim came on over we'z had to hide and wait till the old fool had fallen asleep. So I sneeked back into the house and stole some candles. I of course was good and proper and left some money for the candles I had stoled, but still I stoled them all the same. But before we left for the caves I went back to thinking about what i had thunk about earlier. Trick Jim. So I took his hat and placed on a tree limb above him. Oh how he went on and on about those witches after that little trick. It was funny.

Journal #3

I just led the first meeting in the caves. It was all fun, I followed everything just like they do in the books. It is pretty simple to get everybody listen'n when you threaten theirs family. Even when Huck offered the widow, because he hadn't got no other family, it followed the books. I have already explained the rules and how we only take the females as prisoners. I'se got a plan already figured on our first mission. We'z all will attack the Arabs and all of their kind.

Journal #4

I'se got it all planned now. I'se gathered all of my gang and we will deploy the attack on the Arabs today. Huck is a little synical but i'll show him with todays attack. We went in and took control and thrawrted the Arabs quite quickly. It was a quick and painless but we were soon driven away by their leaders. Afterward Huck tried to tell me it was only a sunday school picnic but my books say it was all Arabs. I just won't listen to the non-believer and he can not participate in the next battle that our gang will have.

Journal #5

Today is a sad day. We'z all learned about the dreadfull death of Huck. Poor old Huck. He ain't never done nothing wrong. But we'z all on a big river boat and we'z are doin all of the stuff your supposed to do when looking for a dead body. We put out murcury filled bread, we'z been shooting all over the water hoping to find the body of my comrade. We passed Jackson's island and i'se thought I'se saw movement in the brush but it was probably just a squirrel or snack. I sure do miss my good buddy, I hope the murder is found and hung like the scum he is.