John Steinbeck

This is a story about two ranch hands, George and Lennie. Their dream is to own a ranch of their very own, with alfalfa feilds, colored rabbits and dead cats that tried to eat Lennie's rabbits. The story follows the two after they left the town of weed. They arrive at their new ranch and almost immediatly on arrival Lennie gets in trouble with the boss's son, Curley. The rest of the book talks about the time spent at the ranch and all of the misfortunes and mishaps that happen there. Ultimately though it ends with the death of Curley's wife, Curley's wife, and the hunt for the killer.

I like how Steinbeck was able to thread the theme of the book the whole way through. If a theme appeared in the beginning it also appeared near or at the end as well.
I also liked how each character was unique but all shared a common characteristic.

I did not like how the book ended or that their was too much information that was not very detailed.

What can I learn:
I think that we can learn tolerance and that if you dream hard enough you can acheive your dreams and make something of themselves. But if we don't dream we will fail and be lonely for our lives.

Essential Questions:
1.)Dreams are important because it gives you something to try for. If you don't strive for something you could end up just falling into dispare and you have nothing to live for.

2.)It is super important, if humans don't feel like they belong they become mean and even in extreme cases suicidal and homocidal.

3.)A genuine friendship is when you will do anything for the other person. You will stop what you are doing and go and help your true friend no matter the consenquences. They should always be there, unlike joey on character day, he left me hanging.

4.)In todays society we discourage loneliness, we have all these fancy webcites like eharmony and match.com. But unfortunatley we have so many cliches and groups that we will always judge somebody and exclude them from our groups.