Night by Elie Wiesel

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This book goes into the depths of Elie Weisels memory and his time in the consentration camps during WWII. It starts out with Elie living a normal and carefree life. But soon when a man named Moishe came telling of destruction and murder Elie is thrown into the horrors that are German extermination camps. The book goes through Elie and his father's experiences throught out the long and dangerous journey that is filled with terror, suspence, and love between father and son.

Likes and Dislikes:

I really liked how Elie made the memories so vivid and how he was able to recall all of his gruesome memories with ease. Also I liked how Elie stayed with his father until the very end. I did not like how he had so many attempts to be free but he missed them by trying to stay with his father.

Essential Questions:

1.) Persecution starts when one man disagrees with someone elses beliefs and or thinks they are better than that person.
2.) Some persecution that is happening today is with the Christians as they are trying to be missionaries in different countries. Or as my other link says, the poeple in Darfur are being persecuted and killed.
3.)To be human means that we all make mistakes, some are greater than others mind you. It also teaches us that being human does not mean that you can do anything. Also it teaches us that once you take one necesity away you become more like the animals around you.

Persucution Around the world

My Reflections:

I learned how to write in parallel structure and the literary present. In this unit i did well in keeping up with the work and writing well written paragraphs. I could have improved on my writing though because I am poor at writing essays.