Inherit the wind

Summary of the book:

Inherit the Wind is a play written about the Scopes Monkey trial. The Scopes Monkey trial was a court hearing about the teaching of evolution in the school classrooms. In the book it talks about how the trial effected the small town of Hillsboro. The story tells the tale of a teacher, Bert Cates, and how he went against the law and taught evolution to his science class. By doing so he is arrested and put on trial, but this case was made so remorable because it attracted two of the most famous attorneys who walked the earth. Prosecuting Mr. Cates was a Mr. Mathew Harrison Brady but by having a high roller come and prosecute another high roller came to defend Cates, Henry Drummond.

Likes and Dislikes:

I really liked that the book covered the whole religous controversy and showed both sides very well. Also I like the the characters and how their role was played during the actual trial and in the play. But I did not like the way that Brady was so pompus and gluttonus during the beginning stages of the trial. It just showed how much of a fraud he really was. Another dislike was how an entire town could hate a man so much (Drummond) and try to run him out of town.

What can we learn:

Well by reading this book you could learn how to be more tolerant of other people's religion or heritage. We could also learn what the veiws are on different religions.

Essential Questions:

How do we handle our individual differences?
Has a group we as people usually accept other people who have a different belief, no matter what, or, we will shun or even hate another group that is not like ours.

Does tolerance equal acceptance?
To me tolerance does not equal acceptance. You can tolerate someones beliefs in religion but you cant always accept what they believe in. Its like tolerating the Islamic faith but you can't accept it because you have a different faith like; christianity, Judisium, Buddist or even Atheism.

Can we tolerate someone/something without agreeing with them?
I think we can but it is just a little harder. It is like what I said before in the previous question. We may disagree but we can still tolerate what they think or do.