Ethan Rettew
Mr. Hershey

The Characterization of Henry Drummond

The characterization of Henry Drummond reveals the theme that appearance is not always reality. When the authors first introduced Drummond they made him appear an unreligious man. For example, when Drummond was first mentioned, the townsfolk referred to him as “A vicious, Godless man” (36). Further more, when Brady and Drummond were choosing the jury, Drummond was biased on the people who attended church regularly and who have read the bible. However later in the book the reader of the play learns that Drummond is more open minded about religion than he first let on. For instance, after the death of the prosecuting attorney, Brady, Drummond quoted the book of Proverbs “He that troubles his own house shall inherit the wind, and the fool shall be servant to the wise in hear” (126). By saying the passage verbatim, it showed that Drummond probably did read the bible he just is not a true follower of that faith. Soon after he quoted the bible though, he put both a copy of the bible and a copy of Darwin’s evolution theory side by side in his briefcase. Drummond is open minded because by putting both books together he could think that both religions could coincide and work together. From the beginning of the play to the end of it Drummond’s character has changed from bad to good. That is why appearance is not always reality.


When writing this assignment I learned how to write a well developed paragraph and how to sequence sentences together. I did well with the thinking and answering the main questions also I did my reading of Henry Drummond pretty impresivly. I could of improved on coming up with original topic sentences but I thought I did well on this Unit in Inherit the Wind.