The Adventures of Huck Finn

The book takes off where The Adventures of Tom Sawyer left off. The story follows a young boy throughout his many adventures through and along the Mississippi. He is acompanied by a runaway slave named Jim. They start out hiding on a small island but later escape on a raft and travel down river. They meet all sorts of people both sane and a little insane.

I really liked the adventure and humor the book used. There was almost always a climax in each chapter, it really kept the book flowing.

I did not like how Mark Twain used the actual language. It was hard to understand Jim at some points throughout the book.

What we can Learn:
From reading this book we can learn how to be more tolerant of other people. Also we can learn how some people veiw eachother and how to deal with those people and their veiws.

Essential Questions:

Society makes us all similar. When everybody tries to follow society, they all end up alike and are made almost equal.

Freedom means doing what you want with out any restrictions and there is nobody to hold you back from your true potential. It is hard to have true freedom but it is worth having.

I either think about them or ask someone who knows the subject or has more experience than I do.

It teaches us that we all should be treated equal and fairly. It shows that slaves are not right and that we should all be free.